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Shimmering Light Poem

God's Messenger (s), 'When you pass by the meadows of Paradise, graze therein.' They said, 'What are the meadows of Paradise?' He (s) said, 'Circles of remembrance'.  Join us weekly for the Sīra and song poems, celebrating the Best of Creation, every Thursday evening at 7.30pm @ The Sheerwater Youth Centre, Blackmore Crescent, Woking. GU21 5NS


The Burda, or Poem of the Mantle, is an Arabic poem honouring the Prophet Muhammad (s), by the 11th century gnostic, Imam al-Busiri (r), forming part of the Sunni tradition of literature in praise of him (s) recited across the globe on a regularly basis. Join us for this monthly gathering held on the last Sunday of every month, for women only. Gatherings are held at the Dianthus Building, Wishbone Way. GU21 3RT.




'Learn to cast arrows for between the two targets is a garden of the gardens of Paradise'. We hold both adult and youth archery classes under the instruction of qualified instructors. Newcomers are welcome, however class sizes are capped. All classes are held in the sports hall of Fullbrook school, Selsdon Road, New Haw, KT15 3HW


Every Monday 7.00-8.30 pm

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Fitra Boys

Fitya Boys

Fitya means young men, being a derivative of the word futuwwa, meaning honour, or chivalry. The Fitya Youth group have been running weekly sports session for the last few years, in a variety of sports to help nurture our youth under the guidance of  mentors. We now run monthly sessions for young men involving physical activities including orienteering, tag-archery, paint-balling, karting and rock climbing. Contact us to register and for the next monthly outing.


Tarawih Light

We offer an annual lighter Tarawih program, as a complimentary offering alongside the more conventional Tarawih prayers on offer. Prayers are lead by Shaykh Hilal Al-Shareef (Syria) and are followed by singing spiritual poems, with refreshments served.  


Attendees tend to stay after to engage one another in conversation and Q&A, long into the night! Join us in Ramadan! Open to one and all. The Sheerwater Youth Centre, Blackmore Crescent, Woking. GU21 5NS

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