The Mabda programme delivers traditional learning covering disciplines such as Theology, Hadith, Sira, Arabic through the Qur'an, Conversational Arabic, Tajwid and Jurisprudence.  Lecturers engage the students through weekly lectures in an environment that fosters discussion essential to one's learning experience.  Courses run on weekends both morning and in the evening

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Short Courses & Events

We hold full day and half day seminars, covering different spheres of faith, such as practical seminars demonstrating the funeral rites (for both males and females), archery seminars, female specific courses and calendar events in Rabī I, Ramadan, Muharram and more.

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Term Dates

First Term (14 weeks)  Sat 11th Sept 2021 -  11th Dec 2021

Second Term (14 weeks)  Sat 8th Jan 2022 - Sat 9th Apr 2022

Third Term (11 weeks)  Sat 7th May 2022 - Sat 9th Jul 2022