The Mabda programme delivers traditional learning covering disciplines such as Theology, Hadith, Arabic through the Qur'an, Conversational Arabic and Jurisprudence.  Lecturers engage the students through weekly lectures in an environment that fosters discussion essential to one's learning experience.  Courses run on weekends both morning and in the evening

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Short Course

Our current course is a half day practical workshop on how to wash the deceased. This workshop is for women only and the instructor, Umm Iman, will work with the group giving a practical demonstration on the rites prior to death, on passing, washing and shrouding the deceased. Q&A will take place at the end and refreshments will be served. Places are limited.

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Term Dates

First Term (14 weeks)  Sat 12th Sept 2020 - Sun 13th Dec 2020

Second Term (14 weeks)  Sat 2nd Jan 2021 - Sun 4th Apr 2021

Third Term (11 weeks)  Sat 24th Apr 2021 - Sun 4th Jul 2021

Summer break 4th July