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Majid Khurshid

Majid Khurshid


Majid Khurshid has over seven years experience within the Sales and Marketing sector, working with a number of leading email security, helpdesk and telecommunications companies, both within the public and private sector; as well as subsequently establishing his own venture. He is a founding member of the institute and has been engaged, for over a decade, working in organising, managing and delivering grassroots projects, specifically educational and social programmes. He lives in Woking with his wife and two children.

Rahan Qureshi

Project Management

Rahan Qureshi is a foreign exchange trader who has worked in investment banking London. He has over seven years experience within in the financial industry both in the UK and the US. He is a founding member of the institute and has be actively serving of the community, assisting in various educational & community based projects. He lives in Woking with his wife and three children.

Rahan Qureshi
Hamid Masud

Hamid Masud


Hamid Masud, BA (Hons) CIMA is the director of Managed Security Solutions, a global solution provider to corporations, both within the private and public sector. He has fifteen years experience covering a vast array of spheres, including business management and process, strategy design and planning L/T and M/T, resource planning and financial planning and budgeting. He is a founding member of the Institute and has been in service to the community for over a decade. He lives in Woking with his wife and three children.


Yasser Qureshy

Educational Consultant | Trustee

Yasser Qureshy began his initial religious education at the Abu Nur institute in Damascus, Syria. Initially he studied the one-year Arabic language program & thereafter for a further two years of the Arabic and Islamic Studies program. Whilst there his primary studies were supplemented with private studies in various disciplines. On returning to the UK he completed an MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS University & a PhD in Divinity, at Cambridge University, focused on the formative period of Ash'ari speculative theology.

Nai'm Khan

Na‘im Khan

Rabi I, 1440

Naim Khan was a founding member of the institute. He managed the orphan program, coordinated funding for our charity endeavours in West Africa, helped organise events, aided refugees abroad, administered the children’s sacred program, worked with the Homeless project and more. Sadly he returned to his Lord on the 1st of Rabi I, 1440. We are and will always be indebted to him and he will always be part of our efforts. May God bless him immensely, amin. 

Umm Iman

Umm Iman

Education & Community

Umm Iman initially worked within the I.T sector, working for Hewlett Packard before a change in direction. She spent eight years abroad, studying various Islamic disciplines, in Damascus, Syria and subsequently, in Tarim, Yemen, both at the Dar al-Zahra seminary and private studies. Whilst in Yemen she was the coordinator of an innovative female Qur’an school.  She is actively involved in the pedagogy of children, teaches adult seminars, and facilitates various programs, with a focus being on youth programs, both educational, art projects and sports programmes. 

Parwez Joghee

Project Management

Parwez Joghee, originally from Mauritius came to UK to complete his accountancy studies and works as a senior accountant in London, with over ten years experience. He was a member of a Zakat Trust Fund, involved in administration and distribution thereof and volunteered at the Masjid Tayba mosque, in Mauritius. His roles included teaching, working on youth programs and administration. He has been actively involved with the Ribat institute for over fives years and lives in Woking with his wife and two children

Pparwez Joghee

Faiz Amir


Faiz Amir began his religious education in 1998 in Damascus, Syria focusing primarily on Arabic language. In 2001 he furthered his studies in the Dar al-Mustafa seminary, Yemen, in both the core curriculum and private study. His teachers include Shaykh Salim Khatib, Habib Kazim Saqqaf, Habib Hashim b. Sahl, Shaykh Muhammad Amin Abuh Chinquite and Habib Umar b. Hafiz. In 2009 he helped establish the Ribat Institute focusing on educational & community projects including forming a partnership with the Ihsan Foundation in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He regularly lectures for a number of  initiatives across the UK, and has experience as a project worker for  with long-term sufferers of mental illnesses in inner London. Additionally from 2009-2018 he served as the Imam to Broadmoor Hospital working with some of the most challenging inmates in the UK.

Faiz Qureshi
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