The Ribat Institute is committed to serving the communities we work with, through a number of educational and community initiatives, primarily in the U.K, striving to better the condition of those who we serve. We offer regular educational and community projects and work collaboratively with like-minded organisations to achieve this.


 Ribat lexically stems from the root, ra-ba-ta which means to unite, or fortify. God states. ‘We fortified their hearts’. It is also a caravanserai for travellers to find rest, or a spiritual sanctuary (zāwiyya) where one could retreat from worldly preoccupation, to centre their focus on their Lord. In other parts of the world a Ribat is simply a religious seminary.



Any organisation is indebted to those who help formulate its vision and direction. We are grateful to the core team behind the organisation, who give of their time and effort, to help give service to something we hope and pray echoes in the seven heavens. See who makes up the core team. 

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Help us to help others. In a tradition the Prophet (s) said, 'God will assist His servant, as long as he assists his fellow brother.'


Help the Ribat Institute to continue the work we are doing, by donating funds towards our educational, outreach and community projects. We are indebted to you for your kindness, and humbly request your sincere supplications.

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