Adult Education

We run weekly classes across three terms by qualified lecturers in each discipline. Students receive tailored texts, produced by the institute, specific to the discipline studied alongside traditional texts anchored in our noble tradition. The courses cover modules in Qur'anic recitation, Arabic language, Arabic grammar, Prophetic biography, Law, Theology, Prophetic traditions, Prophetic qualities, and Spirituality. We are grateful to offer all adult courses free of charge.

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Children's Education

One of our emphases is on the nurturing of children. In light of this we have devised a unique program for weekly children’s classes. Each class has a motivated, proficient teacher, assisted by a teaching assistant (TA). Smartboard technology and confirmed pedagogical practices are employed in delivering classes. The curriculum covers Arabic language acquisition, Qur'anic studies, prophetic biography, jurisprudence and manners. Classes are capped at 15 students per class to ensure high quality education.

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We have over forty teachers and teaching assistants across our adult and children courses. Whilst each and every member of our faculty is appreciated, our senior teachers and advisors are listed here.

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