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We run regularly activities both spiritual and martial on a weekly and monthly basis. Join us and support yourselves and your community in establishing a spiritual and physical dimension to your lives, and the lives of those you care about in enhancing ones inward and outward development.

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We are committed to providing positive engagement within the community, both local and beyond. Importance thus is placed on community programs. Current and on-going projects include supporting the local homeless shelter for the last decade, and charity fundraising activities for orphanages in West Africa, and direct fundraising activities for social care organisations (hospitals, hospices and more) both local and national.

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We offer a number of outreach programmes in communities in and around the south of the U.K. Courses are primarily established to help anchor neighbouring communities in our rich educational tradition, via a range of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and standalone day and half day courses.

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The Ribat Institute has been in the service of people for the past decade and a half. We are looking for 500 kind souls to give £1 a day for a limited period of 3 years. All donations will support the essential work that we carry out in the community. Be part of our campaign

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